Environmentally friendly products/small and mid-sized reels

Air Hose Reel(W-series)

Air Hose Reel (W-series)

A hose real wound with a compressed air hose. Various types are available.

Hose Diameter: 6.5 mm , 8.0 mm
Hose Length:6m , 3m

  • W-series Compact
  • Line lead
  • Hose with Coupling
  • Stainless Protector
Outlet Cord Reel(W-series)

Outlet Cord Reel (W-series)

A cord reel with outlets for convenient access to power.

Power Rating:AC250V
Cord Cross Section Area/Cores :1.5mm2 X 3
Cord Length: 6m

  • W-series Compact
  • Stainless Protector
  • Thermostat

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