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Trust in Japan and TRIENS craftsmanship to the world

Manuel Lenoir

Sankyo reels Inc was estalished in 1968 in Japan and it has grown, running today by the second generation of its founding family.

Sankyo Reels opened in the USA in 1997, China in 2003 and Belgium in 2008. The Triens brand was introduced in 2007 seeking to create a global brand for reels, built on our company’s history of reliability, engineering and design.

Triens has won several design awards for our innovative and modern styled reels and continues to constantly improve the form and function of its products. Our product lineup now includes reels for air, water, electric and also complete lubrication range like Reels – Pumps – Meters and Drainers.

At Triens, we are committed to bringing the finest, most advanced and most innovative products to our valued customers all over the world.

TRIENS emea sa, which means Europe, Middle-East and Africa is located in Belgium closed of Brussels.

We are organizing the distribution of our TRIENS complete range of reels, but also our new range of Lubrication equipment including OIL and GREASE pneumatic pumps – Suction and Gravity drainers and also the brand BADGER Oil meters.

TRIENS start through this wide range of products to be a real business partner for all related equipment.

Triens EMEA
General Manager

Manuel Lenoir

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