Enclosed Reels (Heavy Duty)

Very unique and attractive design.
Made in heavy gauge steel body and detailed part in stylish plastic cover.
Study for Workshop.

Oil / Grease Hose Reel (Enclosed Reels)

Very robust oil hose reels, ideal for changing engine oil.

Hose Diameter: 10.0mm , 12.7mm
Hose Length: 10M, 15M, 20M

Air Hose Reel (Z-series)

Air Hose Reel (Enclosed Reels)

Easy to handle, meet demands of every industrial use.

Hose Diameter: 11.0mm ,12.7mm
Hose Length: 15M, 20M

Water Reel (Enclosed Reels)

Water hose reels show great performance for all water uses, like car wash or gardening.

Hose Diameter: 12.7mm
Hose Length: 15M, 20M

High Pressured Water Hose Reel (Enclosed Reels)

High pressure hose reel, ideal for cleaning equipment and pressure washing applications.

Hose Diameter: 9.5mm ,12.7mm
Hose Length: 10M, 15M, 20M

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